A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach

January 25

           Today I took my son on the beach to get him out the house because the last couple days we had warmed days. Last Sunday I took him to church and he enjoys himself he don't be knowing what be going on. Now when I use to feed him cause I make sure it's not hot he doesn't like for me to feed him anymore he takes the food from me when he sees my arm move towards with food for him to feed himself. He is getting more observant and pays attention when I'm changing his diaper he knows it's about to be change he pulls at his diaper like I know it has to come off he's so sweet and loving he's getting so big like when I put pants on him he takes his leg out and try's to pull his jeans up his self he's growing to fast on me but still my little baby love him with all my heart. I also brought him his own toddler beg with his favorite cartoon sheet set and blanket blue it took him a while to get used to it but he loves it now he sets on his bed and watches cartoons while I'm in my room and he will run back and forth.

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