• Motherhood

    When creating my blogs, I also look for phone things for my son an I. I found these and think it's healthy for moms to get things for ourselves so I loved the comfy jumper and the glasses to keep the sun out of my eyes when walking outside with Kareem.
  • My Son and His New Toy Car

    Life of being a mother is wonderful learning so many new things.My baby now when he wants something he's starting to reach for what he wants and he brings his cup to me now when he wants something to drink and his comprehension is well when we are upstairs and I have his favorite cartoon on bluey in his room and if I say go in your room and watch bluey he runs in his room. 

  • A Day At The Beach

    January 25            Today I took my son on the beach to get him out the house because the last couple days we had warmed days. Last Sunday I took...
  • Mother and Daughter Childbearing

    My daughters story reminded me of when she was born, the story tugged at my heart because 2 miracles have occured in one family. My daughter was a forcep delivery and I nearly died, I lost so much blood, all I could hear was Dr. Earlybird (yes truly my OB’s name) go get her mother who was in the waiting room. I could hear my mother calling me and talking to me.