My Son and His New Toy Car

My Son and His New Toy Car

Feb 1,2024

Life of being a mother is wonderful learning so many new things.My baby now when he wants something he's starting to reach for what he wants and he brings his cup to me now when he wants something to drink and his comprehension is well when we are upstairs and I have his favorite cartoon on bluey in his room and if I say go in your room and watch bluey he runs in his room. He getting so big and so spoil he used to be a daddy's boy now he's a mommas boy he wants to sit under me if I'm cleaning the kitchen he comes sit in my legs I love it though I'm teaching him word it be sounding like sometimes he tell you to get out my own room lol but I love it took him to McDonald's his grandma treated him he loved it he would look at me and stick his hand out towards his food for more it's so sweet as he grows I learn so much trying to start a new business on YouTube to start new things so my son is always on. My son got a driving toy car and he looks so cute in the car and his grandmother thinks he is the most adorable little man driving his car.

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