Collection: Rich and Rich Homeopportunities

Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C. is a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specializing in digital affiliate marketing, advertising, and retail e-commerce. Founded by Desiree Sims, an African American woman and veteran, the company offers a variety of services and products. These include internet marketing, advertising, and blogging services, as well as a range of consumer products like men's and women's clothing, shoes, accessories, and electronics​ (Better Business Bureau)​​ (Rich and Rich Homeopportunities L.L.C.)​.

The business model of Rich and Rich Homeopportunities emphasizes partnerships with national and international brands, including Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, Shopify, and WordPress. The company aims to support veterans through vendorship partnerships with the Veteran's Administration and plans to extend these efforts to other states​ (TuneIn)​​ (eBay)​.

For more details about their products and services, you can visit their official website or their eBay store. Additionally, they actively engage in various marketing initiatives and host events to promote their offerings​ (TuneIn)​​ (eBay)​.