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Natural Magnetic 5 Pairs of False Eyelashes and 2 Liquid Eyeliner Sets

Natural Magnetic 5 Pairs of False Eyelashes and 2 Liquid Eyeliner Sets

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Product category: whole pair of false eyelashes

False Eyelashes Terrier Category: Plastic Cotton Thread Terrier

Style: Natural slender

Material: man-made fiber

Production process: pure handmade

Specifications: 5 pairs mixed

Five pairs of liquid eyeliner

Mixed false eyelashes

Comfortable to wear

Light and unobtrusive


Product name: Five pairs of double eyeliner liquid false eyelashes

Product material: imitation mink hair

Specifications: Five pairs of mixed false eyelashes,

Two magnetic eyeliners, one tweezers.

Packing size: 13.8*14.6*1.8cm

Scope of application: daily makeup, stage makeup, party makeup




Magnet false eyelashes without glue and not falling


           Dense and Slender                            With Eyeliner Effect

Not blooming

Avoid embarrassing panda eyes


                       Quick Dry                                    Not easy to fall off

Magnet adsorption, glue-free and not easy to fall off


Steps for usage



●Before use, please shake gently to make the eyeliner liquid evenly. The excess eyeliner liquid from the brush head can be scraped off at the bottle mouth.

●The eyeliner is drawn from the head to the end of the eye, and the thickness of the eyeliner needs to be covered by the magnet.

●After the eyeliner is completely dry, bend the eyelashes to fix it from the eye, and then wear the eye end and the eye end, and gently press it to wear it successfully.


●After the eyeliner is finished, please close the lid tightly and save it to avoid air-drying.

●Before use, it is recommended to test a small area of skin behind the ear, wrist, etc. If you feel uncomfortable or allergic, please stop using it immediately.

●Stored at room temperature away from light, keep out of the reach of infants and young children, and not edible.

●In the process of use, if it gets into the eyes accidentally, please rinse with water or wipe off with a cotton swab.

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