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New Spring And Autumn Baby Swaddle Towel

New Spring And Autumn Baby Swaddle Towel

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Product Category: Mumu Bear

Fabric: coral fleece

Suitable season: summer, spring, winter, autumn

Pattern: animal, solid color, cartoon

Color: beige bear, pink kitten, blue puppy, gray elephant

Specifications: 80*80cm

Suitable age group: newborn (0~1 years old, 80cm and below)

Coral fleece baby cape bath towel

Experience "cloud-like" softness

Absorbent/skin friendly/breathable/soft/comfortable/healthy


Hide in the warm embrace of "me"

Give your baby a thick and generous hug

Gentle and skin-friendly baby is easy to wrap after bathing, not easy to catch cold


Doubt the baby

The cloud-like touch is gentle and cares for the baby

The skin gives the baby a comfortable and healthy cotton experience



Large size HOLD live baby

High-strength fibers are not easy to fall off

Environmentally friendly reactive printing and dyeing, gentle care for babies


Quickly wicks away moisture

Fully absorb moisture, baby relax after bathing

Wrap the whole body warm and not catch cold to the baby's skin-friendly touch


Reactive printing and dyeing process

Citing reactive printing and dyeing technology for environmental protection and health

Comfortable and soft for baby to use with confidence


Not easy to lose hair, gentle care

Coral fleece fabric

Not easy to lose hair


No fluorescent agent, healthy and environmentally friendly

No fluorescent agent, baby can use it with confidence, soft and comfortable

Gentle care of baby's delicate skin


Baby is comfortable and does not catch cold

Warm and breathable, baby does not catch cold and feels soft

Gentle care of baby's health


Soft skin-friendly fabric

Soft, comfortable and warm fabric

Baby is not easy to catch cold and feels cloud-like softness



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