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Wig Curtain Glue Wig Hair Extension Tool Quick Extension

Wig Curtain Glue Wig Hair Extension Tool Quick Extension

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Product name : Wig Curtain Adhesive, Wig Adhesive

Specifications: Composed of binders, preservatives, natural essential oils, flavors, etc.

Features: fast hair extension, bonding wig hair block head cover, easy to use and easy to remove

Product use: It can be used for short-term bonding between the hair curtain and the human body. It is easy to operate, safe, and can be removed without leaving traces.

Application method: Apply the hair curtain glue on the part to be used, wait for natural solidification or dry it with a hair dryer to accelerate the solidification, after solidification and molding, it will naturally bond. To remove it, you can use our company's matching remover.

Precautions: Keep away from high temperature and fire sources; please keep it out of the reach of children; avoid eye entry, use with caution if the scalp is damaged or allergic to chemicals; avoid exposure to the sun, which will affect the validity period.

Product size: 3*10cm

Capacity: 30ML

Weight: 30g







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